Originated from Australia's independent designer Cathy created by the independent women's brand.

MacyMccoy is expected to enter the domestic market in the spring, to design its minimalist philosophy atmosphere of artistic temperament and personality style, but fit the specific target user demand in the domestic market, to create a series of young people and the consumption concept with dress style with high quality brand design.

MacyMccoy as a design brand originating in Australia, of course, has an indispensable southern wind. Independent, simple, fresh, natural, comfortable and serene, these adjectives can be used to describe Australia in the southern hemisphere, as well as to express the design style of MacyMccoy succinctly.

MacyMccoy has successfully harvested many loyal fans in australia. Clear market positioning and unique design style, very mature and successful. Simple atmospheric OL series, with its simple cut line and soft, can shape the skill and tenacity of women in the workplace as a whole. Plain natural fresh design make a woman's gentle and soft and quiet expression, infinite charm. From the neckline to the button, from the waist to the bottom, with exquisite craftsmanship every detail, once again the people trapped in the invisible silent gentle thoughts.